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Renewable & Sustainable Energy Consultancy
Advisory Services And Due Diligence

Advisory services and due diligence

Make sure your project stays on track

Surprises can happen at any stage of the project life cycle. Through our advisory services and due diligence, we can identify and quantify technical risks and make practical suggestions for mitigation. We can do this at any stage, from development right through to operational assets.

Whether you own a project, or you’re looking to purchase one, we can undertake inspections of infrastructure, equipment and operational sites. We provide a full report to meet your needs, and if needed, can advise on further steps.

As lender’s technical advisor, we can review a project, including key material documents, technical assumptions in the financial model, advise on technical considerations of the project as well as review existing operations and due diligence reports. We can also assess your project’s ability to perform in accordance with expected standards. In order to limit risks and protect the lender’s interest, Our Footprints can monitor construction of the project too.