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Renewable & Sustainable Energy Consultancy
Lender’s Technical Advisor – Analysing The Details

Lender’s Technical Advisor – analysing the details

Our expertise and knowledge means we can act as an advisor to deliver technical advice and support on your project, especially when it comes to financing, and acquisition of projects and portfolios. Acting on behalf of banks, investors, insurers and project owners, we identify and quantify project risks, and suggest practical measures to eliminate and reduce them.

A typical scope for this role includes:

A review of material documents such as:

  • Energy sales agreements
  • EPC contract
  • O&M agreement
  • Chosen technologies and equipment

Our specialist team can advise on appropriate safeguards on technical issues and review your existing operations too. And we can prepare reports on the operation and maintenance of a project including being able to advise on the project’s ability to perform under expected standards.