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Renewable & Sustainable Energy Consultancy

Operations Services

Our Footprints can take care of all the necessary reporting, inspections and site optimisation to ensure that your asset continues to perform.

Full Asset management

Budget set-up
Act as customer representative under the Turbine Maintenance Contract
Contract / commercial administration and invoicing
Contractual and insurance/warranty claims management
PPA administration and liaising with grid operator as required
External audits facilitation
Reporting to banks, insurers and other third parties
Signing up contract agreement illustration

Initial Operational Monitoring

Our Footprints can continue the role of Lender’s Technical Advisor during the initial operational stage of a project.

Identify risks carried over from construction period
Completion of all punch list items
Statutory testing and compliance with planning conditions
Operational monitoring to confirm the project meets assumptions used in the financial model and loan arrangement
Identification of any under-performance in energy production or low availability
Monitoring corrective and scheduled maintenance to ensure it maximises technical availability and lifetime
hand holding clipboard with financial audit reports and magnifying glass

Monitoring & Inspection

Monitoring and filing of maintenance documentation
Monthly and/or annual reporting to clients, banks and other third parties including:
Availability analysis for site, and individual elements
Power curve analysis
Downtime analysis and maintenance recommendations
Actual vs. budget production
Production/revenue losses analysis
Error log analysis
Capacity factors per site/turbine
Wind speed and sector analysis
Recommendations to optimise operations
Daily event and maintenance monitoring
Notification and appropriate follow up of operational events with the EM or any other responsible parties
Magnifying glass showing data analytics and monitoring reports

Site Management & Technical Analysis

Set up of health, safety and environment management systems
HSE management and procedures implementation, supervision and audits
Regular site asset inspections
Annual turbine inspections
Provision of responsible switching operator & HV maintenance contractor
Site management of contractors (OEM, HV maintenance, regulatory inspections, access route upkeep etc.)
Monthly and annual assessment of OEM / Contractor performance / availability warranties

Site Optimisation

Post-warranty O&M strategy reviews
Site management audits & reviews
In-depth power & production performance analysis
Contracted and actual availability analysis
Detailed downtime and fault analysis
CMS (Condition Monitoring Systems) installation
End of Warranty and due-diligence inspections
Historical review and detailed inspection of major components
Re-finance due-diligence
Major component reserve account analysis
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