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Renewable & Sustainable Energy Consultancy

Construction Services

Our Footprints has experience constructing single wind turbine installations, solar farms, hydro projects & sustainable housing through to wind farm projects in excess of 100MW.

We have worked in a variety of extreme environments, climates and terrain.

We regularly undertake the roles of Owner’s Engineer, Bank’s Engineer (Lender’s Technical Advisor), Principal Designer and complete project management through all phases.

For each of these roles Our Footprints will provide the relevant combination of services:

Health, Safety and Environment

  • Compliance with CDM Regs or local equivalent
  • Drafting and implementation of Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP)
  • Health, safety and environmental reviews, audits and risk assessments

On-site Monitoring

  • Inspections of works and verification
  • Progress monitoring
  • Daily records
  • Public and landowner liaisons
  • Contractor interface management

Contractor Liaison and Management

  • Liaison with statutory bodies
  • Liaison with distribution network operator
  • Civil and electrical design reviews
  • Contract development and tender reviews
  • Owner’s Engineer / Representative
  • Electrical systems management
  • Co-ordination and liaison of all contract stakeholders

Programme and Cost Reporting

  • Construction programme development
  • Monthly progress reporting
  • Review and revise construction programmes
  • Budget development and project cost estimate
  • Budget review and risk value management
  • Drawdown and payment certificates
  • Client take over and hand over certification
  • Contract completion

Inspection and Commissioning

  • Turbine foundation formation, inspection and test reviews
  • Crane base and road load test witness and test reviews
  • Inspection of foundations and concrete test certifications
  • Electrical infrastructure inspections and review
  • Turbine inspections and commissioning information review
  • Close-out documentation

Commercial and Contract Support

  • Defence and prosecution claims
  • Contract variations
  • Issue of contract certificated
  • Contract administration
  • CVR (Cost value reconciliation)
  • Quantum merit assessments
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Tender procurement process

Earthworks and Inspections and Testing

  • Analysis of materials sourced on and off site to ensure it meets contract specification
  • Monitoring of material placement and compaction
  • Monitoring of performance of materials and roads
  • Undertaking or witnessing of performance test, plate load and CPT etc.
  • Monitoring slope stability
  • Drainage performance
  • Structural inspections and remedial works design
  • Electrical testing, commissioning and inspections
  • Wind turbine inspections

Structural Inspections and Remedial Works Design

  • Inspection, approval and geotechnical evaluation of anchor formation
  • Witness concrete placement, testing and curing for the anchors and analysis of concrete cube results to ensure full compliance
  • Approval, witness and test if necessary any remedial works required to bring permanent works to meet the contract requirements
  • Witness access works and test runs

Electrical Testing, Commissioning and Inspections

  • Review and approval of the Electrical contractor’s design
  • Review and approve electrical contractor material suppliers
  • Attend and witness any off-site testing of key equipment
  • Witness any onsite testing
  • Final inspections prior to energisation
  • Approval of contractor Safe System of Work
  • Assistance with Ofgem ROC/Fit registrations
  • Manage Gird Code compliance process
  • Monitor power quality and interface with grid