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Renewable & Sustainable Energy Consultancy

End of Warranty Inspections

Are your wind turbines about to come out of warranty? Avoid costly out of warranty maintenance with an independent inspection to highlight any areas that require attention before the end of the warranty period.

Documentation review

Check manufacturer documentation
Review monthly reports issued since take-over date
Review maintenance reports issues since take-over date
Review of operational data
colleagues meeting reviewing documents

Technical Visual Inspection

General inspection from foundations and platform, to tower, hub and nacelle
Inspection of cabling and wiring where accessible
Inspection of equipment for electrical energy conversion
Inspection of main electric components and equipment (generator, electrical cabinets, cabling, switch gears, transformers)
Inspection of auxiliary systems (yaw, hydraulic, lubrication, electrical cabinets, cooling etc.)
Inspection of lifting equipment
Inspection of HSE elements including Health & Safety signs control
Detection of oil spills or leaking gearbox seals
Visual inspection of the access roads and crane platforms
Engineers working at wind turbine power generator station installation site

Functional Tests

Tests of all turbine functions including but not limited to:

SCADA remote command
Safety chain elements (emergency stop buttons)
Control of nacelle position
Gear oil pumps and gearbox filter
Smoke detectors
Engineer testing turbine

Gearbox Inspections

Visual inspection of the generator
Visual inspection of the fixing bolts
Inspection of the slip ring room and magnetic plug inspection
Check the generator cooling system
Gearbox inspection using endoscope

Blade Inspections

Visual inspection by high-resolution camera
Remote inspection of the blade roots and fixing systems
Inspection of the earthing and lightening protection system
Photography of the observed elements
Wind turbine blade