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Renewable & Sustainable Energy Consultancy

A global renewable energy consultancy.
We are engineers, project managers and health and safety professionals with over 240 years of combined experience in the renewables sector.

We design, project manage and advise on sustainable development and renewable energy projects of all sizes – from 50KW to 100MW and beyond. We bring expertise, responsiveness, belief and enthusiasm to all our work.

Our Services

The pre-construction phase is pivotal to the successful construction of your project.

Our Footprints will help you negotiate contracts and ensure that every aspect of your project; from contractors to the design and the grid connection, are ready for construction.

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Our Footprints experience covers the full range of renewable technologies, and we have worked in a variety of extreme environments, climates and terrain.

We will provide a comprehensive package of services tailored to meet the requirements of your project.

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Construction, delivery and assembly of a wind turbine

Our Footprints can look after your renewable assets. We can take care of all the necessary reporting, inspections and site optimisation to ensure that your asset continues to perform.

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Computer & data analysis

Are your wind turbines about to come out of warranty?

Avoid costly out of warranty maintenance with an independent inspection where we will highlight any areas that require attention before the end of the warranty period.

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Engineers inspecting wind turbine

Are you installing Electrical Energy Storage alongside your renewable energy scheme?

Our Footprints can offer a project specific delivery support package to ensure your project runs smoothly.

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What our Clients say:

Our Footprints is a highly competent and professional project management business. It is staffed by former Wind Prospect colleagues who I have worked with for many years successfully building out projects in the UK and overseas. We continue to work with Our Footprints and I have no hesitation in recommending them as excellent partners.

Euan Cameron, CEOWind Prospect Group

Past experience in wind both in the UK and across Europe is that the client’s appointments for the contract and construction administration are critical and often determine the success of the scheme. Too many so-called specialists prove to be unhelpful in the way they approach the issues associated with wind development and that perspective comes from first-hand experience with multiple service providers.

Wind Prospect were one of two providers that proved to be the exception. Our Footprints have adopted the best elements of that Wind Prospect approach into their model and have managed to maintain that client focused view.

James Murray
Octopus Investments

Our Footprints have been a pleasure to work with and we cannot recommend them highly enough.

Our Footprints have been the owner’s engineer and principal designer on our first renewable energy project, and are assisting us in developing our future projects. We find that Our Footprints really care about their work, are experts in their field and conduct themselves with integrity. We are particularly impressed with Our Footprints’ passion for renewable energy and their problem-solving skills.

Marina Poliukhova, Director
Telecom Holding Ltd - Renewable Energy Project Owner and Developer